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Canada X Insomniac!Reader (Incomplete)
(Name) stared at the pure white ceiling, her (e/c) eyes tracing the line that ran through the middle for the 4th night in a row. The digital clock proudly showed "4:03 AM" in vivid red lines; the only light in the otherwise pitch black room. With a frustrated sigh, she sat up and tiredly rubbed her eyes; not tired of fatigue, tired of not being able to slip into dreamland. One thing, or rather person, kept nagging at her head. Maybe if she saw that person now, it would stop the thoughts. Running a (s/c) hand through her messy (h/c) hair, she decided to pick up her cellphone laying on her bedside table. Scrolling through her contacts, the female pressed the certain Canadian's number and held the device to her ear...Ring....Ring....Ri-
"Hello?" a drowsy, quiet voice yawned out, "(Name), is that you?" Suppressing a giggle at his adorable yawn, she answered softly to not startle him, "Hey, Mattie... I can't sleep..." S
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 7 2
Little Dudette (America X Child!Reader)
Alfred was seated on a bright red park bench and eating a cheeseburger as usual, star spangled book bag laid next to his feet. Well the eating part is usual, not the being in the park bit. He was hanging out with a couple of friends until they had to depart for reasons that slipped the American's mind though he wasn't complaining. He gave a soft smile as he watched kids race around and play, gleeful laughter ringing in the air. Alfred adored kids with all his being, they were adorable and fun to hang out with or just to watch. The blond chuckled when he saw a young brown haired boy drag his preteen brother to play, the elder seemed to whine a bit before giving up when the little one pulled out the puppy eyes and pushed him on the swing. Though he seemed be grumbling, the older brother smiled fondly and there was clear joy in his bright green eyes when the little brunet laughed and grinned while he swung.
'Ha, reminds me of Arthur when I was little,' Alfred mused as he thoug
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 378 116
How We Met (Child!AmericaXMama!ReaderXDad!England)
"Well, how should I start? Maybe with when I was a teen..."
A teenage (Name)'s (e/c) eyes were glued to the TV screen, her face turned from scowls to grins depending on what occurred in the show. It was show she liked to watch when she was bored, "Say Yes to the Dress". If you laughed, she would have thrown the nearest object at your face. (Name) smiled softly as another bride talked about her fiancé. Her face radiated how much she loved him, eyes sparkling and her grin full of compassion

She wondered if she'd ever find that kind of a man, one that could make her smile like that. A person that she'd love and adore more than anything, a person to make her feel like the sky was something he wove just for her and the sun was not enough to be an example of the burning love they shared. (Name) never usually worried about it; she preferred to focus on family, friends and school. Relationships never really were
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 243 51
The Man She Was Going To Love (RomanoXReader)
~Takes place in Renaissance era.~
20 year-old Lovino Romano Vargas walked down the streets of Rome, Italy, cursing under his breath if somebody pushed past him. It was a messed up time, the effects of the Black Plague were still strong; it was easy to catch illness. The Italian doesn't recall much of the Plague as he was a child when it really hit hard, only remembering fear. Fear of dying, of seeing loved ones dying. Luckily, his family survived, well his mother and father died from the plague when when it returned when Lovino was an adult. His younger brother, Feliciano, lived with him; the two were almost polar opposites as Feliciano was cheerful and happy and Lovino more grumpy and short-tempered.
"One of the few good things about it is that food cost dropped and more land," the dark haired male mumbled as he spun a tomato in his hand. As much as he said he didn't care, he couldn't help but throw a sympathetic look at a child coughing and looking miserable as he walked. He s
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 155 57
(Father!DenmarkXDaughter!Reader) For the Love...
~For the Love of a Daughter~(Father!Denmark X Daughter!Reader)
You barely remember those years, but the memory is still there, fuzzy but there. How your father used to be when you were 3 and younger. Blond hair styled up in the most gravity-defying way, blue eyes always sparkling with happiness, strong body and arms that promised protection for his family, and a grin that you could never forget. A smile that spoke love, pride, and just pure elation whenever it was directed to anybody he cared about. How his laugh could cause even Uncle Lukas to sometimes smile, then he's choke him with his tie. You remember the days you called him, "Daddy" with so much love and pride.... Until something changed and everything went wrong, your parents started fighting.
Four years old with my back to the door
All I could hear was the family war
Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child or just a charity ward
A four year old shouldn't be hiding behind a door, try
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 367 137
Better Than Beer (Denmark X Reader)
"It's over, (Name)." "Well, then-" "You're too boring and annoying! You never want to get drunk or have sex or anything! Always want to play video games or read books and 'bond', then talk my ear off about your day; I'm sick of you!" With those venom-filled words, the man walked away, his steps quick and angry. In his wake, (Name) was left with tears streamed from her usually bright (e/c) eyes. Though, the actual break-up wasn't that caused the rivers, it was the words that she wondered if were true. Her boots hitting the pavement lightly as she ran, not even thinking of where she was going. Soon the young woman found herself in a park, deserted. With a minuscule smile, she recognized it as the park she met her best friend, Matthias, in when they were very young. The smile fell as she kept thinking about what her ex said and she plopped down on a swing to cry her heart out.
"Huh, (Name) hasn't texted me back... It's been hours! She always texts me when she get home," A certain Danish
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 345 106
Memories and War (Child!BTT X Father!Male!Reader)
[Name=Male Name, kay? And make up a Country name too, please?]
'When he took us in, he got that coat specially made. A light blue was the main color (much like France's clothes), although the cuffs were a bright red with silver buttons as was the collar. The inside was as green as the grass. The cape that attached to it was green also, but he didn't wear it often only during important meetings. He said the colors were for each of our eyes. Red for Prussia, blue for France, green for me. He wore it all the time, but not during battle as he didn't want it to get ruined. It reminded him of us, that's why he loved it so much.'
"Papa, look! We're getting better!" A 10 year old-looking France pulled (Country)'s hand, dragging the young man from his desk where now paperwork was abandoned and to the woods behind their house. (Name) grinned at an excuse to stop sitting at the wooden table, his hand dropping the quill when he got outside and petted a curious deer. Animals came out of th
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 750 150
Little Things [America X Reader]
[Please don't hate the others in the comments! You will know who I mean.]
(Name) groaned, closing and putting aside her laptop then rolling off of the couch and onto the wooden floor below her. "Only Allied powers can attend the meeting, well excluding flying mint bunny which doesn't exist," She mocked a northern English accent, placing her hands on her eyebrows. The (h/c) haired girl sighed as she glared at the plain white ceiling, waiting for her American boyfriend to get back from a meeting. (Name)'s boss didn't want the country to be part of the "Allied powers" just allies to all of them... Yeah, it was complicated. Now (Country) had the main export of BOREDOM. She stood up sluggishly, brushing off her stolen borrowed shirt from Alfred which happened to have a Batman symbol on the chest. Smiling at the dark t-shirt, she walked to the kitchen to get (favorite drink).
"That idea is almost as stupid as you are, America," England said, rolling his idea
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 221 133
Valentine's Day (Child!Denmark X Big Sis!Reader)
"(Name)?" You turned your face from the chocolate and romantic movie to meet the bright blue eyes of your little brother, "What?" He tilted his head, blond hair defying gravity and not moving, "Why are you eating so much candy? Mom says it's bad for- Are you crying?!"
Matthias quickly ran over and jumped on your (f/c) couch, landing on his little 7 year old feet, "Did somebody hurt you?! Are you okay? Do I need to kill somebody?!"
His tiny hands gripped your face and wiped the very few tears that escaped your (e/c) eyes, his usual grinning face was now serious and admittedly, a bit intimidating.
You chuckled at his concern and ruffled his hair, answering, "Nah, Denny, this movie is pretty sad and also reminds me I'm 16 and is single on Valentine's Day." Sighing, you turned off the movie and moved the candy off your lap and onto the couch, oblivious to Matthias's curious stare until he spoke, "What is Valentine's Day? When I asked at school, they said it was a day of love and mushy stuf
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 585 132
Grown Up (BTT X Sick!Mama!Reader)
(Country Name) hanged her long (f/c) jacket onto the coat rack when she stepped into the restaurant, unwrapping a (2 f/c) scarf from her neck and tying it around her small waist. Lately, she had been getting thinner and thinner as (Country) was going through some hunger issues that was taking a little bit to smooth out and not to mention feeling like she was run over by a bus. She stepped into this small Italian restaurant to speak to the two Italies about some trade stuff between their countries and more boring stuff.
"Ciao, bella!" "Ciao, ragazza." Sure enough, there were the twins, Feliciano smiling brightly and Lovino offering a lift of a corner of his mouth. (Name) grinned back as she hurried over to them to start speaking rapidly in Italian. Oh yeah, I had forgotten to mention last time that she knew a bunch of different languages fluently and many others almost.
"Sì, I think we should have a free-trading agreement because as of lately, there had been a large increase of tr-" a l
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 888 212
Under A Prussian Blue Sky (Prussia X Reader)
"(NAME)! VAIT UP!" An accented voice made you whip around, (h/c) hair flying as Gilbert Beilschmidt stopped in front of you. You smiled at your crush, adjusting your (f/c) bookbag as you waited for him to say something. He grinned at you a bit sheepishly, "I vas vondering if you vanted to go to zhe fair vith me? I MEAN, IT VOULD BE NOT AS AWESOME IF YOU DIDN'T GO AND MY AWESOMENESS WILL NOT BE AS GREAT." A light pink dusted his cheeks when he hoped he didn't sound too love-struck, maybe he should have listened to Francis's and Antonio's advice...
You giggled at your friend, "Sure! We haven't been to one since we were little! I remember you were too scared to go on the Ferris Wheel." You laughed at the very red blush on his pale face. "Ve'll go zhis time! I promise! And I vas little!" He gave a pout as you patted his silver locks.
"Wow...." You breathed out as the sun began to set. Soft orange was painted across the darkening blue sky as pink and lavender joined in a be
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 209 99
Green (Fem!Spain X Male!Suicidal!Reader)
(Name) gave a groan of pain as he collapsed to the floor, blood spilling from his wrist, making the wooden floor beneath him be stained with red. He turned his beautiful (e/c) eyes towards the cause of the deep cuts, a now bloodied green razor that rested innocently in his hands... Green. Just like her eyes. The male stared at the object though her eyes was all he was seeing in his mind. Emerald orbs that would be shining with tears if she saw him in this state, her normal smile would drop to a frown that made (Name)'s heart break. No doubt she'd be on her phone, a tomato charm that (Name) had given her hanging limply as she spoke to 911. Her chocolate brown hair escaping the bun she usually put it in as the Spanish girl would be shaking her head in distress. Carmen was her name, Carmen Carriedo, the girl (Name) loves. The (h/c) boy decided to think back, to dive into memories as he waited for his death or someone to find him. Maybe Carmen or even her step-brother or Julchen and Franci
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 255 94
Never Give up (HetaliaXReader)
You set your bag down and flopped on your bed, nothing was going right. Your grades in school were beginning to suffer, friends were in a major argument and won't speak to you either since you were neutral, and your art. You felt like your writings and drawings were doing awful, RPs, original works, fanfiction, in English class, art class, fanart, everything. You brought out the works and just stared at the words. Tears dripped onto them, making the ink run together into illegible words. A few drawing were spread out on the ground, the Hetalia characters could only stare. You threw the pages down to the floor as you began to cry, really sob as you just broke. Your parents and siblings (if you have) were out, so nobody to interrupt your breakdown. Before, you were teetering on just giving up, but Hetalia has mostly helped you escape; their jokes, stories, just them. Collapsing  on the bed, you let out a few more pitiful gasps and cries before slipping off to sleep. Giving the las
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 337 313
Bet (America X Geeky!Male!Reader)
(Name) groaned as he walked to P.E., his least favorite period, but second to last one until he was free for winter break. The male was an average "video game geek" or just "geek" as he loved to play all sorts of games and was very well at his studies. Recently new to Hetalia High, he was flocked by girls the moment he stepped through the door. I mean, who wouldn't? Soft (h/c) locks that shined, (e/c) eyes that were behind glasses, and he was lean as he ate well with intelligence to match. You wouldn't believe this handsome young man was bullied in the last school, pushed to the ground all the time, teased. It was all because of what he was loved (video games) and...he was bisexual. Yep, (Name) loved and appreciated both genders! Now he was scared to tell anyone in case the bullying happens again so he kept quiet about it unless somebody directly asked.
Sighing, he jostled his way to his locker, waving to some of his friends. After changing, he set off to P.E. speaking with some of his
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 650 250
Merry Christmas (England X Reader)
"Come on, love! Let's go on a walk and give our presents somewhere else!" "But I'm comfy here, Iggy." "Please, (Name)?"
Great, now your British boyfriend had used his puppy face, pulling his bushy eyebrow over his eyes. Arthur's face giving a "kicked puppy" expression as he let his bright green eyes get watery. If anyone wondered how America is able to do it as well, then there's your answer!
"OKAY, FINE! JESUS. JUST STOP DOING THAT!" You yelled in defeat, getting up from the plushy chair in the room. It was Christmas Eve, and Alfred decided to throw a Christmas party. It died down to the American hanging mistletoe everywhere and people handing each other presents. He did so because, "IT'S HILARIOUS SEEING EVERYBODY KISS AWKWARDLY, DUDE!" You wondered why you were friends with him sometimes, but you still love him like a brother.
Giving an unusual goofy grin, England pulled you out the door, grabbing your coat along the way. You waved bye to (other favorite nations) as he got the prese
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 70 27
Don't Insult Maman (Child!BTT X Mama!Reader)
[A/N: Follows little to no history so please be mindful of that. Thank you]
"Francis, Antonio, Gilbert, lunch!~" You called your little countries, setting out the food. It was surprising how fast little kids move when their favorite meal is set down; Spain was munching on a tomato and some churros, France chomping on...snails..., and Gilbert chewing on a wurst. You gave a tired smile at them being adorable as always, giving a quick glare at the pile of work waiting for you. Having one young country was hard enough, but you were taking on 3! Letting a small sigh of relief of paperwork, you ate some (favorite food) quickly.
"Maman?" your French son tugged on your sleeve after everyone finished eating, "Can you play with us in the snow?"
The other two jumped up in excitement. "Si, mamá! Por favor?" "Ja, ja! Mutti, please?" Great, now 3 extremely powerful puppy eyes were gunned at you.... Eh, you can pull an all-nighter for the work, "Sure why not? Go and change!" With those words, the you
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 2,115 689


SPN - TFW Chibis by say0ran SPN - TFW Chibis :iconsay0ran:say0ran 470 41
Nothing.-Prussia x Deaf!Reader
Notɧiƞg. –Prussia x Deaf!Reader
[I wanted words…]
Speaking. An idea entirely conceptual to you, and yet you loved it. You loved the way a pair of cracked lips danced gracefully across a vowel, the way a tongue curled around a letter. The words enticed you, but the magic in them faded once a pencil scratched one onto paper. You wanted to hear the fast hiss of the ‘H’, you wanted to pronounce the tonal sound of the ‘A’. The moving of lips choked you, drowned you in the taunting closeness. Other people spoke and screamed and sang like it was natural-and yet it was natural, but you weren’t. You weren’t normal. You never talked with light in your eyes, or screamed at your enemies, or sang with passion.
Everyday on your walk home, you saw a Spaniard with a crooked smile, holding a battered guitar and singing happily. You had become friends, and he didn’t seem to mind your deafness. Antonio’s two best friends
:iconfunkylime123:funkylime123 324 110
Dear [Name] (Old!America x Old!Reader)
Dear [Name]    .::Songfic::.
(Old!America x Old!Reader)

The birds were signing, the sun was strong and standing proud in the bright blue afternoon sky. You were sitting in your garden, outside, on a very comfy, padded chair, and your husband, Alfred, was sitting right next to you, in a similar chair. Both of you were silent, listening to nature's sounds. Just like the day you first met.
"Dear [Name], do you remember, when you were young and very pretty?" asked the blonde, in a raspy voice, looking over at you.
"I do" you replied, in a raspy voice as well, looking back at him.
"I remember pleated skirts, black and white saddle shoes... Do you remember dancing that night?"
"That's right, Al. I do"
"I still think of you when we dance, although we can’t jitterbug as we did then..."
It was a warm night in nineteen forty-five. World War II had ended not so long ago, and the American soldiers from your hometo
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 96 40
Semicolon (EnglandxReader)

The high-pitched ringing of Arthur Kirkland’s phone woke him up in the silence of the night and, glaring at the obnoxious device, he quickly answered it while rubbing his duly throbbing temples. An irritated “Hello?” was muttered from his end as he stared at the numbers on his alarm clock. It was nearly midnight.
“Mr. Kirkland?” a quiet voice stuttered into the receiver and Arthur felt his fatigue disappear.
Furrowing his thick brows, he swallowed, “Yes. Who is this?”
The hushed voice didn’t answer. “I- I know that you gave us your number with the intent of homework help, and I know it’s late, but-” the voice wavered weakly, “but I need your help with something- something else.”
Something in the Brit’s heart panged and he tried to recognize the caller’s voice. “Of course, love, anything you need.”
There was a relieved gasping of air on the other end as t
:iconvengefulamber:vengefulamber 221 165
SPN - Winchester Bros by say0ran SPN - Winchester Bros :iconsay0ran:say0ran 354 59 SPN - Happy birthday, Sammy by say0ran SPN - Happy birthday, Sammy :iconsay0ran:say0ran 380 36
To Gilbert, With Love [Prussia x Male!Reader]
Dear Prussia,
How are you? Are you unchanged? As for me, I have recently released a new brand of beer. If you give me a reasonable amount of how much you want, I will send you and your brother some.
[Country Name]
Dear [country name],
Hey frau! Ja, I'm still as awesome as ever., what the hell is that supposed to mean? And a reasonable amount? Hmm.. Maybe.. fifty cases of thirty? Would that be under 'reasonable'? I say so. The awesome me can drink most of that by myself! West might want some though.. So maybe a hundred cases? That would be awesome! How have things been over there?
The Awesome Prussia.
Dear Prussia,
A hundred cases of thirty?! Can you and your brother drink that much? And things have been...interesting over here. Tell me how you like the beer once you get it.
[Country Name]
Dear [country name],
Mein gott! This stuff is almost as awesome as I am! But, what made by you
:iconxtsu-chan:xTsu-chan 547 243
SpainxReader Anything
He remembers when he was young, when the grass grew tall and the days stretched out into endless moments of passion. He remembers hiding in the tall brush, watching, waiting. He crouched low, pulling one large strand of grass aside, and gasped as decadent beauty graced his innocent eyes from between the leafy green strands. There she was, walking along the path with a beautiful orange lily perched in her hair, with petals spread wide like the sun. She glowed. He was certain of it. She was an angel. That he remembered well. She smiled, bending over to pick a Gazania flower. Her breathtaking beam commanded sunlight down through his chest and stomach, making his knees wobble uncontrollably. She brought the flower to her nose, taking in a deep, soothing breath. Antonio watched in awe, unable to move from the tall grass. God, she was beautiful. More beautiful than the grass, than the ocean, even more than the flowers he gave to his mama on her birthday. A gust of wind blew over the pasture,
:icondeikus-is-hellbound:Deikus-is-hellbound 103 61
Bad Day [France x Reader] - Drabble
Enjoy this drabble-ish type thing. If you're having a bad day, I'd suggest reading this fic. 
Francis sauntered into the room, a dashing grin on his face, and a fresh rose in his hand. He noticed you, sitting alone at a table in the corner, and a frown flashed across his face. Well, that wouldn’t do at all. He made his way over to where you were, sitting across from you, giving you that infectious smile. 
You didn’t even notice. 
He sighed, his blue eyes softening for a moment. “Bounjour, my dear~” he sang. 
You [e/c] eyes slowly wandered up to meet his. His smile widened just a little bit. 
“How are you?” he questioned, setting the rose down on the table and propping his head on his hands. 
“I had…a bad day…” 
He gave you a sad smile. “Ah, I’m so sorry to hear that, my beautiful rose~ B
:iconhairbun503:Hairbun503 89 13
An Afternoon Nap by Cioccolatodorima An Afternoon Nap :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,062 136 Hetalia Fantasia Norway by Cioccolatodorima Hetalia Fantasia Norway :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,873 153
Growing Up CanadaxReader
A quiet sigh escaped you as you flopped down on the hill behind your house. This was the first moment of relaxation you’d gotten all week. In a few days, you would be moving out of your parents’ house into your very first apartment. You were finally going to be on your own, a fact that partially terrified you because it meant you were growing up. You were really truly going to be an adult. But despite that you couldn’t wait to get everything set up in your new place, although the packing up bit was slowly killing you.
…Especially when Alfred decided to help.
You groaned and rolled onto your stomach before pushing yourself up and heading back inside.
“Alfred, if I have to go buy another dresser because of you, I am not going to be happy,” you called out as you stepped inside. A nervous chuckle was all you heard before the sound of someone dashing out of your front door reached your ears.
“Sorry about him, (Name),
:iconbluerose269:bluerose269 162 21
Bunny!England x Reader- Easter Wishes
You let out a small sigh, drumming your fingers against the flowered tablecloth that covered the wooden table beneath it. The only thing you could hear was the tapping sound you made, and the happy sounding chirp that came from outside the white paned window.
It was March 31, and it really didn't seem any different from an ordinary day alone. The only thing that made it different, however, was the fact it was Easter Sunday. When you were little, you usually spent this holiday over at your parents house, 'helping' your mother cook the ham and potatoes you had each year. It always comforted you to be with family during the holiday season, though each time you thought about it, it seemed like the same routine; Sit in the cramped kitchen your parents had owned since you were a small child, the old television that was pushed into the crevice in the wall playing Easter marithons in the background, the smell of freshly cut tulips from the garden filling the room while you sat and watched your
:icongoingmadhatter:GoingMadHatter 392 142
This is for my group HetaliaAxis-Writers:
Thank you all for becoming members of my group. It means a lot to me, since I am new on Deviantart. Please keep contributing and spreading the word about this group!
Now to thank you all properly, I am going to hold a contest.
Any member can submit a story into the contest, I will be making a folder specifically for this contest for you to submit your entries.
Now for the rules:
•Must be Hetalia x Reader
•Must follow the theme which will be listed below
•Must be made for the contest, I will check
•Submit into the correct contest folder
•Must be submitted by Monday April 8th
•You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want
What I will be marking you on:
Try not to make the character to OCC
Now I know we aren't perfect and I myself do make mistakes but try your best to have good grammar and such :)
Theme: Express a scene or relatio
:iconbritishislesdame:BritishIslesDame 3 12
Mature content
Bitter with Consequences 1. - 2P!America x Reader. :iconhillsofsilence:HillsOfSilence 73 30
France x Doll!Reader ::: Dollmaker
His attentive adherence to detail translates through his precise strokes of a paintbrush. He swirls the bristles in curls of oils and glaze, applying the kisses of color to your glass face.
He bites his lip, drawing droplets of Beaujolais and Burgundy, dusting your pout with a spectrum of reds. His eyes, extracts of midsummer mornings and oceans that perform a carefully practiced fouetté en tournant, glimmer with crystalline wonder as he injects shades of (E/C) between your long sweeps of eyelashes.
He chews his lip as his trembling grip pays meticulous detail to your cascading locks; strands of (H/C) that sweep across your porcelain cheeks and tickle the small of your back, reaching down to caress the laced hem of your dress like curious children that travel two paces too far.
He steps back, his artist's hand stroking his scruffy chin with precise critique. He grins, setting down his palette of spilled pastels. His mind, smokey with watercolors and bruises of acrylic, ponders feverish
:iconspicerabbit:spicerabbit 64 6



Ay, still a dead account but I get tagged occasionally! c: Thanks to::iconfunkylime123:


You must post the rules. Each person must post 5 things about about themselves in their journal. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. No tag backs, No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

5 Facts About Me:

1) I love Rooster Teeth right now a lot! Achievement Hunter is like my favorite thing of that c:
2) I love writing descriptive stories or poems. I don't know why, it's just fun and enjoyable for me!
3) Supernatural is my favorite TV show though I'm getting iffy about season 9 right now. 
4) I cut my hair jaw-short months ago but the last time I put up a photo here was when I had it long
5) Chocolate cake is my true love.


1. If you had a time machine but you only had enough fuel to go back or forward once (plus a trip back) where would you go?
Probably forward because the past is pretty fucking scary. I'd like mess with my great grandkids (if I do have).
2. if you had to be stuck on a deadly island with three fictional characters of your choosing, what would they be?
Uh probably Sam, Dean, and Cas. Let them do all the fighting while I gather stuff so we all survive.
3. do you have a tumblr/blog?
I do but I don't want to link it here, sorry!
4. what do you think your purpose is?
Make people's lives better at least. I think everyone's job is to be a good human being to themselves and each other. But some people forget that purpose or life had been far too cruel for them to see the light anymore, then others have to help them find it again. Wow this turned sad and far too thoughtful.
5. how do you respond to hate on the internet when it's directed towards you?
I've personally never had hate, I don't think! I'd probably respond with anger and harsh words because I'm an asshole, or just ignore it.

If you'd like to answer my questions, feel free! I'd like everyone reading this to perhaps answer them (if not that's okay!)? You could comment them if you'd like, I'd love to read them c:
1. Favorite human being you haven't meet in person? Doesn't have to be famous!
2. Do you prefer the sun setting or rising? Why?
3. What do you wish for most at the moment?
4. Photo you love the most? Describe it please c:
5. Food that makes you the happiest? 

Thank you if you'd read the whole thing! Have a wonderful day or night, my dolls! :heart:


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello! I'm sorry but I'm not writing on here anymore. Thank you for your favorites and watches, I still respond to some comments and stuff so it's not technically a 'dead' account.
Okay, you might be confused by the Canadian in my name when I'm American. Well, I ran out of ideas for a name when I remembered Canada! He's my favorite character from Hetalia so :3

Anyways, hello! I'm CanadianTurtle, pleased to meet you! c:

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Happy Birthday!!
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thank you! :D super late but you know :heart:
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It's the thought that counts.
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Happy birthday!!!!! :-) 
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