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October 27, 2012
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[A/N: Sort of long, just a warning]

You were walking down the street, extremely cheery. Your job was doing very well, so you moved out of your terrible apartment into a nice house! Your friends were often preoccupied with work or college… Though you wouldn't admit it, you were lonely. Yes, even the great (f/n) (l/n) needs people! You sighed, running a hand though your silky (h/c) hair before you heard faint meows coming from an alley you were passing. Since there were a lot of people around, you decided to investigate and what you found shocked you.

"Meow...meow...meow," A huge box turned to its side which contained a tiny white kitten with a black circle around one ear and light purple eyes. You gave a soft aw before bending down to observe it; you absolutely adored cats! Then you heard a hiss... no, LOTS of hisses (RUN, BITCH, RUN). You looked around to find 4 other cats glaring at you and baring their teeth.

'They must be a family or something... What should I do? I don't want to be attacked!' You pondered until you reached out your hand slowly to the kitten, stopping when it was a few good inches from its face. You learned from Heracles to always have them sniff your hands before petting them.
The kitten sniffed curiously at your outreached palm before nuzzling his head into your fingers. You gave a soft giggle before petting him gently on the head, noticing the kitten had a ribbon around his neck which resembled the flag from Iceland. Looking around, they all have ribbons but with different flags; a white cat walked up to you slowly with the flag of Norway around his furry neck.

Norway's POV:
I walked cautiously toward the woman; she seemed kind as she had a warm smile that made me feel safe... Safe, I haven't felt like that in weeks; since our owner abandoned all of us. Little brother even let her pet him! He hates people yet why not her? The lady noticed me and stretched out her other hand towards me, I sniffed it; she smelled of (favorite scent) and I could feel sympathy and love flowing from her so I allowed her to stroke my head.

"She's okay, she won't hurt us," I meowed to the others. Finland and Denmark immediately nuzzled into her stomach. They were the most affectionate out of us 5; being without human touch must be difficult for them. Sweden however took his time and circled her, how he found those glasses and managed to put them on, I shall never know.
You have always wanted cats, your old apartment banned pets; maybe you can adopt them. All of them were so cute and cuddly! The Danish and Finnish cats ran over to you the minute the Norwegian cat meowed; they were so adorable! They weren't completely filthy, but it was obvious they were abandoned from the dirt in their fur.
Even though I doubted they could understand, I asked them, "Maybe you guys could live with me? I can adopt you al- AH!" You were then overwhelmed by all five jumping at you in joy; even the serious navy blue cat with glasses? You stared at him a bit as he stared back before patting his head, he had the Swedish flag.
You laughed, "Okay then, everybody in the box!" All of them climbed into the box, it was so large they all fit snugly... Problem is: they weren't light.
~Time Skip~
Sweden's POV:
I could only admire the heart this young lady had taking all five of us in... Also how she got the box all the way to her house. Denmark laughed at the weird looks the people gave her when they saw this small girl carrying five cats in a giant box. Even my wife, Finland, was happy again which I was glad to see; ever since Master left us, everybody has been serious and depressed.

"Alright, my *huff* new cats, *huff* we made it..." she gasped as she dragged the box into the bathroom, where she filled the bathtub and picked up Denmark who was already hissing.

"No! The awesome Denmark doesn't need a bath! Lady, put me down! NOOOO," SPOOSH, he went right into the water. Norway was snickering while Finland and Iceland were roaring with laughter.... until it was their turn. Soon all of us had our coats shiny and healthy again (Denmark was still sulking); she then called someone.

"Hi Heracles, it's (Name)! Do you have any cat food? .... I found the most adorable strays and am taking them in... Five cats... Really, you can?! Thanks so much, see you in a bit!" she hung up before turning to us with a warm smile.

Bending down and drying us with towels, she explained, "Hey guys, I'm (name)! My friend is coming over with food; I don't want to leave you alone here yet." (Name) gave a pat to each of us before the bell rang and she went to the door.

"What do you think of our apparent new owner, wife?" I asked Finland while Norway and Denmark got in other argument (which was just Norway choking Denmark with his ribbon).

"I'm not your wife! And she seems kind; I'm wonder if her friend is too..." Finland's ears twitched in excitement.


"Here they are! Aren't they just the cutest?!" you gushed as you ran into the room; Heracles walking slowly behind you.

He nodded, "Yes. Have you named them yet?" When you shook your head, he suggested, "Maybe after the countries their ribbons display."

"So.. Denmark" Second largest cat, who was white with brown that ran along his head & back and bright blue eyes. "Norway." The white cat with a strange floating curl and purplish blue eyes. "Iceland." Smallest of the group; a white kitten with a patch of black fur around one of his light purple eyes. "Finland." The tan cat that seemed to have the bangs of white and bright blue eyes. "Last but not least, Sweden!" Largest cat; dark blue fur and deep blue eyes that are covered with glasses.

"They are cute. Now I need to go, I promised to tell Kiku Greek stories. Good luck," slowly, he got up and left after you thanked him again for bringing supplies.

You went to the kitchen and brought out LOTS of bowls; 5 for food and 5 for water. You smiled sadly after seeing all of them eat and drink quickly, wondering how long they had been strays. After they ate, they either went exploring or followed you around and watched you set up cat things. Quickly, you learned their different personalities and differences from each other.

Finland is energetic and loves to follow you around or cuddle; he seems to be a little hesitant of Sweden. Sweden is serious and likes to lay next to you on the couch and also follows you or Finland around; though not very partial to cuddling. Iceland likes to be carried around since he's so small; typically is around Norway, but once in a while avoids him for reasons you don't know. He likes to be petted and rubbed; mostly lays on your stomach or lap and doesn't show much emotion. Norway is completely void of emotion, but you can easily tell when he's annoyed or irritated. He seems to make a hobby of choking Denmark with his own ribbon when Denmark does something stupid, which of course made you panic at first. Norway also doesn't cuddle much, but likes to be brushed since he has long fur. Denmark is loud and hyper; loves to bother Norway and LOVES to cuddle when he's not exploring. He often occupies your lap with Iceland and likes to be petted.

As you jumped into bed and looked at your new cats all spread over it, you couldn't help but feel happy knowing you wouldn't feel lonely again.
I SAW THE PICTURE AND THIS HAPPENED, OKAY?! Please don't kill me, I need to do the requests first!
I love the Nordics so much so yeah :3
Preview Picture is not mine, you find the orignal here:…
It's such a cute picture, ICELAND IS SO CUTE AND TINY! :iconsqueeeeplz:
Thanks for reading :heart:
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