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November 2, 2012
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You were walking down the snow covered sidewalk, swinging your arms as you headed home. It was winter in Canada; all you wanted to do was curl up next to a fire... Until you heard very soft sniff and what sounded like quiet sobs, making you freeze in your tracks. Yep, you could clearly hear it; it was from a little boy next to a large tree. He had chin-length hair with a strange curl that drooped from his blonde bangs; but he had a scared look on his adorable face and tears ran down from his light blue eyes, dripping onto his snow white teddy bear. Your heart broke at the sight and rushed towards the boy.

"Are you lost? Where are your parents?" You asked softly, kneeling down to his height. The child jumped at the sudden voice and looked at you with the most saddest expression.

"Pa-arents? W-where am I?" He spoke in a quiet voice as he hugged his bear closer, he seemed like he was an orphan.

You smiled warmly, "I'm (Name), what's your name?" "Matthew W-Williams..." "Well, Matthew, you could stay with me until we figure out where your guardians are if you want." He stared at you with wide-eyes, silence stretched as he thought about the offer before nodding. Your smile widened but fell seeing his clothing; all he was wearing was a thin white nightgown. You quickly unwrapped your jacket, putting it around his small frame as you picked him up; he was as warm as the snow falling around you.

"You're so cold! We better get home quickly!" You took off towards your apartment, thoughts only about the boy snuggled in your arms.
~Time Skip Meow~
Matthew's POV:
I barely managed to get a view of the red door before she ran into the apartment; (Name) managed to unlock and lock again the door in 3 seconds. She was so kind, she didn't have to help me. I tried to remember what happened before I woke up face-down in the snow, but nothing.

"BATH TIME!" (Name) sang as she took me to the bathroom. It was strange, I'm usually so scared of people yet she makes me feel warm and safe. I let her undress me and wash all the dirt from my body and hair, I didn't notice how much slush and mud was actually on me. (Name) dressed me in a warm white shirt with a red maple leaf on it and red pants; she said it was her sister's old ones. She even washed Kumajirou! But sadly, he had to dry on the bathroom window for the night. I then saw a delicious sight: PANCAKES.
You watched the boy stuff his face with the food, you had pancakes for breakfast so you had heated up some left overs.

"So you don't have any parents or place you can go, Mattie?" He shook his head, as he looked up from the now empty plate.

Matthew spoke in his whisper-like voice, "I don't remember how I got here. I remember waking up in a snowy forest then you found me.... I don't know where to go now!" His purple-blue eyes became glossy with tears. You quickly set the plate next to him and hugged him, stroking his hair as he sobbed.

"Shhhh, it's alright; I can take you in. I can be your Mommy..." you trailed off as the boy's head shot up.

Matthew gave his first real smile that brightened his face, "Yes, please! I'll be good, please?" You hugged him closer, nodding while giggling at his cuteness.

He yawned, "I'm tired. Can we go to sleep Mama?" Your heart just melted at him calling you that before scooping him and his bear up and took them to your room. Tucking them in, you left to change before sliding into the bed as well, wrapping your arms around your child.

"I love you, my maple leaf." You kissed his now clean head. "I love you too, Mama," he whispered before falling asleep. As you slipped into your own realm of dreams, you thought, 'I'm going to try to be the best mother I can. He deserves it...'
....I don't know. I saw that picture of baby Canada and this happened. Plus, Canada is just adorable; adult and child! :dummy:

If you see that I worded a sentence weird or made a grammar or spelling error, please comment it! :3 Thank you~

Preview not mine! Here it is: [link]

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This progressed too quickly but besides that this is so Adorable!
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This is adorable ~ !

Just wish that this could be a little more drawn out. It all went down a bit too quickly.
boxmaniscool Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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ArminArlet6588 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
btw Mattie has purple eyes not purple-blue eyes or light blue eyes
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Writer
Well in the anime, he did have blue eyes. It was one of those "hima used both colors" so I went more with the more normal color c:
thank you though! ^^
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