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December 20, 2012
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[A/N: Follows little to no history so please be mindful of that. Thank you]

"Francis, Antonio, Gilbert, lunch!~" You called your little countries, setting out the food. It was surprising how fast little kids move when their favorite meal is set down; Spain was munching on a tomato and some churros, France chomping on...snails..., and Gilbert chewing on a wurst. You gave a tired smile at them being adorable as always, giving a quick glare at the pile of work waiting for you. Having one young country was hard enough, but you were taking on 3! Letting a small sigh of relief of paperwork, you ate some (favorite food) quickly.

"Maman?" your French son tugged on your sleeve after everyone finished eating, "Can you play with us in the snow?"
The other two jumped up in excitement. "Si, mamá! Por favor?" "Ja, ja! Mutti, please?" Great, now 3 extremely powerful puppy eyes were gunned at you.... Eh, you can pull an all-nighter for the work, "Sure why not? Go and change!" With those words, the young boys raced up the stairs as you pulled on a thick (f/c) jacket and mittens. Then the countries came running back, bundled up in layers of clothes, ready for a snow war.
"I CALL MUTTI, BECAUSE I AM AWESOME! Kesesese~" "NON, IT'S MY TURN, GIL!" "YOU WERE ON HER TEAM LAST TIME, FRANCIS!" The boys bickered over who to be with you in the snow war as you watched, giggling. 'So cute!' you thought, brushing some (h/c) strands from your face.

"How about everyone versus me? Bet you guys can't beat me~" You sang tauntingly, knowing they won't back down. Spain gave a large smile, green eyes bright with determination, "Challenge accepted, Mami!" The other two nodded in agreement, and it started.

Both sides began building a barrier quickly, making it as strong as they could. Soon, white blurs were in the air, finding their targets. Before long, one-third of your shield fell, leaving your arm bare. With a precise aim from the little Prussian, snow covered your left arm. With a squeal, you jumped to the other side, sending more snow missiles over. The children's wall barely chipped! '...I think I taught them too much war tactics,' you laughed to yourself as another piece crumbled, sending the other piece crashing as well. A head shot from the blond boy sent you to the snow; the others ceased fire as ran over. Your (e/c) gaze went over each of them, smiling at their ecstatic expressions.

"VE VON! VE DEFEATED MUTTI!" Gilbert cheered as he patted some snow over your coat, his yellow bird flew back to his white hair after it realized the war was over. You chuckled, allowing France and Spain to help you up, and patted their heads.

Smiling warmly, you praised, "Good job guys! When you become countries of your own, you'll win any war with each other!" They all high-fived, following you to get their hot chocolate. Deciding to say a nice "SCREW YOU!" to work, you laughed and joked like a normal family in front of a nice fire. Tucking them in bed and kissing them good night, you were glad you were their guardian... Their mother.

~~~Many, Many Years Later~~~

You were laughing at the Bad Touch Trio's antics, they were constantly annoying England, Germany, and Austria. Wincing when the Prussian was struck by a frying pan wielding Hungarian, you reflected back on so many years. You quickly skipped over the war you had with your once little countries, they wanted their independence, but your country didn't want to let them go. After that, you helped them when they had trouble. When Prussia had a little brother to take care of, you gave advice. Same as when France had Canada, you often took care of him since France was fighting many wars. You also comforted the blond when he lost the country to England in the war. When Spain got Romano.... Well, the stubborn Italian actually had listened to you, but only because you were a pretty girl, so not much help there.

You watched now how France was currently fighting with England... AGAIN. You silently cheered him on, proud of the insults he was shouting.

"BLOODY FROG!" "CATERPILLARS FOR EYEBROWS!" "RAPIST!" "FOOD POISONER!" "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Sighing, you turned your (e/c) eyes to Prussia who was now walking over with a large bump.

The albino flopped down into the seat next to you, "Mein gott, vhy are people so unawesome, Mutti?!" You chuckled at how he still calls you, "mom" in his language. Actually, they all still do, but privately.

"Maybe all those hits from the pan are killing brain cells, Gil!" A wild Spain appeared as he also took a seat, "Hola, mami! Como estas?"

Smiling, you replied, "Bien! Let me guess, Romano stormed off again?" A nod. "Without a hug for me?! I might just have to blackmail him with embarrassing stories of him!" All three of you burst out laughing, imagining the look on the Italian's face if you told as you turned your attention to the France-England fight. While making comments like it was a sports event, the three of you heard the next sentences loud and clear.

"Who bloody raised you, you pervert? They must be such a terrible parent to have taught you!" The green eyed English country growled before realizing what he said when France's face turned murderous.

The words terrible parent rang in your ears as tears began to fill your eyes... You remember telling yourself you were an awful mother when your once little countries left you... But hearing those words brought a pain to your chest, they were the most wonderful people you have ever know, you thought you did a good job. You could barely feel the two men beside you wrap you in a hug.

~~France's POV:~~
"....They must be such a terrible parent to have taught you!" I feel something vile rise in my throat when I heard those words. I knew (Name) was watching, I knew she heard those words. Anger rose as I glared at the idiotic Brit, raged that he could even utter something like that.

"Don't. Insult. Maman. You can insult my 'air, clothes, anything else. But (Name) is off limits, she 'as done nothing to you. If you say something like zhat again, I will  'urt you. Severely." I threatened, I could feel the glares of Spain and Prussia as well, we will not let no country attack our mother like that. She was the most loving, caring, fun, beautiful, and amazing person I have ever met, (Name) was far from terrible. I got up, dusted off my clothes, and rushed to my mother... Oh no, I could see small tears falling.

"Shhh, no llores, Mami! He's an estúpido!" "Ja, you are the most awesomest mutti ever!" Gilbert and Antonio were trying their best to comfort her, but her crying wouldn't stop. I stroked her (h/c) hair, trying to calm her down. She looked at me with tearful (e/c) eyes, tried to speak, but her throat was too tight. I saw pain, pain that seems thousands of years old... I realized that (Name) still carries the pain of the war, when we left her.

I held her shoulders and tried to get her to understand, "Maman, we broke away from (country name), not (Name). We call you mother still because you will always be zhat to us. You were zhe greatest mother we could 'ave gotten, we love you very dearly. You were not at all terrible! We wanted our independence because of your bosses and government, don't believe what Eyebrows said." I also joined in the group hug as we waited for her tears to cease.

"...I love you guys so much... My little countries." She whispered as she hugged back.
"Te quiero, Mami."
"Je t'aime, maman."
"Ich hab dich lieb, Mutti."

".......Hey, guys, it's snowing. Want to feel like you were 100 again?" She gave her usual playful smile.

WHAT. HAVE. I DONE. I'm sorry that it wasn't completely focusing on them being chibi! I mostly went for the Mother!Reader ^^; Hope you still like it!
Preview Picture is not mine: [link]
I don't own Hetalia :iconamericawhyplz:

Maman- Mom (French)
Si, mamá! Por favor?- Yes, Mommy! Please? (Spanish)
Ja, ja!- Yes, yes! (German)
Mutti- Mom (German)
Non- No (French)
Mein gott- My God (German)
Hola, mami! Como estas?- Hello, Mom! How are you? (Spanish)
Bien- Good (Spanish)
No llores- Don't cry (Spanish)
estúpido- stupid/idiot (Spanish)
Te quiero- I love you (Spanish) (Used between family)
Je t'aime- I love you (French)
Ich hab dich lieb- I love you (German) (Parently/Friendly way. Platonic)
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