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December 2, 2012
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[A/N: You guys are 16 in high school. Just to let you know. Prussia may be a bit OOC]

"OUT OF ZHE VAY, LOSERS! ZHE AWESOMEST PERSON IN ZHE VORLD IS GOING VHROUGH, VHICH IS ME!" You sighed as you watched the arrogant albino strut his way down the hallways, winking at girls as he went. Sighing, you pushed through the crowd, the task harder than it sounds as you were nearly knocked down many times. You rolled your eyes while grabbing things from your locker that you finally reached and sped towards your next class; you always went early to avoid the BIGGER tidal wave of students. You played with your (h/c) locks as you sat down and set down the materials; this was your favorite and last class: history. You also loved the teacher, Ms. Zwingli or Ms. Z as you called her. She always listened to your rants and gave wonderful advice. Plus, she sometimes had extra chocolate from when she and her older brother made the confection for their shop and she gave it to you.

"You're a bit later than usual, Miss (Name)! The chocolate has been waiting," the blonde woman had put down her lesson plan book and now looked at you with her usual kind smile. She opened a drawer and pulled out some chocolate wrapped in plastic and handed it to you.

You rest your head on your hand and groaned and you took the sweets, "It was Gilbert, Ms. Z! Because of him, the girls flooded the halls so it took longer for me to get to my locker. He's so full of himself, I'm surprised his ego hasn't suffocated us all!" Okay, maybe you were being a bit dramatic, but the hallway flooding irritated you.

Your teacher laughed at your exaggeration and seemed to ponder before answering, "I'm sure his ego isn't that large; I think he may be lonely. Many people who are lonely or been put down a lot try to trick their brain into thinking that they are wonderful or 'awesome' people... They do that to not go into depression and to prevent being suicidal; I have seen those people crack before. Plus, he's the 'clown' as he always jokes and tries to make people laugh; he might want some kind of praise or a 'good job' that he might have not gotten much of before." You were about to laugh at her statement, yes it was sad, but the 'AWESOME' Gilbert? Depressed? Lonely? Wanting praise? Girls are around him all the time and all the guys think he's so 'awesome and cool!' Yet, her green eyes showed sadness and knowledge, making you think more into what the woman told you.


The sound of the bell and students flooding in pulled you out of your thoughts, the chatting they brought with them ceased when they began class. You couldn't help but wonder about the German (or Prussian as he insists), could he really be like that? All that arrogance and 'awesomeness'.... a facade? You laughed quietly. No, no it can't. Your thoughts turned to how actually handsome he was; white, silky hair and beautiful red eyes. The girls didn't go crazy over nothing! Gilbert also worked out a lot so he must be toned- NO, stop it, NO CRUSHING ON JERKS! You turned your attention back to your work, not noticing the certain pair of crimson eyes staring at you.

~Time Skip~
"Alright class, time to pack up! See you all tomorrow, and (Name)? Don't forget or disregard what I told you, he's a person just like you," Ms. Zwingli gave you a sad smile, as you walked to your locker you wondered how she was so knowledgeable about all this...

~Gilbert's POV:~
"Party? Oh, I can't. I vish I could go, but I'm uh super busy zhis veekend! I also have to stay back to help a teacher vith stuff, so I can't leave vith you," I lied straight though my teeth, I didn't even feel guilty when I saw the girls' or my friends' disappointment. "Ay, that's too bad, mi amigo!" "Oui, it is!" "Aw, maybe next time, Gilly!~"

I gave a sigh of relief as they walked away, it was too overwhelming many times. I have to kept putting up a grin, crack jokes, pull pranks, and be awesome! That's all fine, but if I try to talk to my 'friends' about more serious things or what I'm feeling, they brush me off and say I must have a fever or something. They aren't too bad, but it is all jokes, pranks and girls with them. It doesn't help that my little bruder is in Germany for a few months; he wanted to go back and visit. I looked around and saw (Name) and Kiku hanging up posters about art or something down the hall. Ah, (Name). I never skipped the classes I had with her, she is a Schöne and is so nice and wonderful. So different than the other girls that are around me, she has character and personality to match her pretty face! I have to admit, she is pretty awesome! Almost as awesome as me!

I heard some chirping that snapped me out of my thoughts of her and felt a small amount of weight on my head, "Oh hey, Gilbird!" I petted him with a finger as I walked out the school to my favorite spot. It was a little clearing in the forest next to our school; apparently nobody goes there or knows about it so I often write in my awesome journals while sitting here. I sat down in the grass and began to sing a song that I had wrote a while ago.

~Back to Me, the Narrator~
You finished up hanging some posters for art club with a friend, "Alright, Kiku, that's the last of them! See you later!" "Bye, (Name)-chan! Arigato!" With a wave, you began your walk home; though you stopped suddenly when you heard singing from the forest and decided to investigate.

"Einsamkeit.... Einsamkeit.... Einsamkeit.... Even if I'm said to be 'generally adequate,' strictly speaking. I don't understand.... I vant to be found..." His sad tone changed to a more lively and sounded more rock as he sang the next line, "Everyone, come here! Let's exchange email addresses? Being alone is too much fun!~" Then seemed to switch to another song as he yelled, "Kneel before me! Praise me! Give me praise! Being alone is too much fun! Too much fun..."
'OH FUDGE! FOOT, WHY? Wait a minute... Is that?' you thought as the person spun around and you recognized the white hair and red eyes. "Gilbert?" "(Name)?"
"What are you doing here?" You both asked at the same time; you saw a bit of red sweep across his face, stark against his pale skin. He gestured for you to sit next to him, which you did happy to find an excuse to procrastinate from homework... Or what it just that? Then, an awkward silence commenced. You just heard the guy sing a what sounded like an emotional song.

"Um, Gilbert?" "J-Ja?" "What does 'einsamkeit' mean?" You asked.

He seemed to think before responding, "Loneliness in German." You looked up startled, you expect it to be 'awesome,' 'great,' or something conceited like that.
You stared at the Prussian in curiosity as you reflected on the lyrics. 'Said to be generally adequate...' 'I want to be found.' And especially, 'Being alone is too much fun.'

"Alright," You broke the silence, "Spill. What's wrong? You can tell me." Gilbert scanned your face, trying to detect any sort of falsehood. The bright yellow bird that rested on his head flew over to you, hovered in front of your face before flying up and nesting in your (h/c) hair.

The Prussian sighed, "Vell, Gilbird seems to trust you. Then zhe awesome me vill too. Promise not to tell anyone, not even my or your friends. BEST FRIENDS COUNT TOO, NO TELLING!" You laughed, which caused him to break a smile, and extended your pinky finger, "Pinky swear!" He wrapped his pale finger around yours and then started his tale, pinkies intertwined the whole time.
Mr. Awesome's(Prussia's :3) POV:

"My Vater or father, died this year, my mother died years ago. So, I have to vork and all that unawesome stuff to support my little bruder and I. I didn't really vant West to vork also, but have you seen zhe guy? Sometimes, I doubt I'm the older one," I gave an involuntary cold laugh. I wanted to be someone he looked up to, to be a big brother to him, but West is more serious and careful than I am. (Name) patted my arm in a comforting way, I looked up and saw her face soften in kindness. Nobody is really like that to me much, so that made me continue.

"He is currently in Germany, visiting relative there. I vanted to stay behind, I don't know vhy zhough. So zhat made me feel more lonely zhan ever; I could always talk to my bruder. Now my friends. Zhey are... alright. Zhey don't put me down or is bad to me in any vay! But, I know I can't really talk to zhem much. Francis and Antonio listen to me a lot, but zhey are usually busy with parties and girls and such. Oh and zhe girls! Zhey are so clingy and only vant my popularity and body. I just can't breathe and talk to somebody. Everyone else thinks I'm a just pervert or another conceited jerk..." I closed my eyes and sighed. (Name) probably is bored, I'm sure she doesn't want to bother with me anymore. So much for ever having a chance with-

"You can talk to me. To be honest, I thought you were that, but listening to all this... Reminds me that you are human like me, you have those moments where you feel lonely. You could have 'friends' but not true ones... And... I'm sorry for not realizing that sooner.," (Name) squeezed my pinky with hers, I looked up in astonishment.  My crush was offering to listen to me. I could help but seize her in a hug, grinning widely and laughing; her (e/c) eyes widened in shock before hugging back and giggling.

"Danke, danke, danke!" "You're welcome!"

Vhis vas zhe start of something vonderful!
PRUSSIA, MY BABY :iconsadcraiplz: This was a request for... I don't know....
OKAY I HAVE A CONFESSION: I actually hated Prussia. Then I heard his character songs... I cried a bit. True, they talked about how awesome he is. (Not "Einsamkeit" though since it actually is Germany's character song but I heard a duet with the brothers and those were the lines Prussia sang) But those lines (at least for me) showed how he actually is lonely. I have heard that people do that, they think of themselves higher to avoid depressing thoughts. Not everyone, but still.
Mi Amigo- My Friend (Spanish)
Oui- Yes (French)
Bruder- Brother (German)
Schöne- Beauty or Cutie (I think) (German)
Arigato- Thank You (Japanese)
Einsamkeit- Loneliness (German)
Ja- Yes (German)
Vater- Father (German)
Danke- Thank you (German)
Picture from: [link]
..... I promise not to try to attempt Prussia again, I'm sorry V.V OKAI, I WILL WRITE A SEQUEL. It'll be linked here when I finish :3
SEQUEL: [link]
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I cried also when I heard them. After "My song that written by me for me" I got REALLY protective of him. My other friends who watch Hetalia are aware of that and know not to say anything negative about him in front of me
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