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January 28, 2013
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(Country Name) hanged her long (f/c) jacket onto the coat rack when she stepped into the restaurant, unwrapping a (2 f/c) scarf from her neck and tying it around her small waist. Lately, she had been getting thinner and thinner as (Country) was going through some hunger issues that was taking a little bit to smooth out and not to mention feeling like she was run over by a bus. She stepped into this small Italian restaurant to speak to the two Italies about some trade stuff between their countries and more boring stuff.

"Ciao, bella!" "Ciao, ragazza." Sure enough, there were the twins, Feliciano smiling brightly and Lovino offering a lift of a corner of his mouth. (Name) grinned back as she hurried over to them to start speaking rapidly in Italian. Oh yeah, I had forgotten to mention last time that she knew a bunch of different languages fluently and many others almost.

"Ś, I think we should have a free-trading agreement because as of lately, there had been a large increase of tr-" a large cough interrupted her sentence as the (h/c) haired girl turned her head away to have a coughing fit into her elbow. Feliciano looked at her with concern, "(Name), are you okay?" Romano stood up abruptly and walked over to her side once she stopped coughing and place a hand on her forehead. He retracted it quickly, his dark curl crumpling, "Idiota, you have a terrible flu! You're burning up! What's going on in your country?"

She tried to smile, her skin now noticeably very pale, "I'm fine, Lovi. Don't worry about me, bambini, just some minor issues." North Italy shook his head, "You should go home, bella, you look like you are going to collapse!" His older twin nodded, "With all due respect, you look awful. You need rest or you and your country won't get better." (Name) hung her head, sighing before standing up also.

"Mi dispiace to end this meeting so soon, but we can work on that agreement when I get better, okay?" "Ś, ś, now go home and rest," Feliciano gave her the coat as Lovino shooed her out, the woman laughing at bit at their immense concern. The minute the door closed behind her, they whipped out their phones, "You call the potato bastard's brother and the french bastard, while I call the tomato bastard."

~Time Skip Weeee~

The female fell onto her couch after she changed into her pajamas that read "I'm Awesome" across the shirt and pants. She rested her head on a pillow with a tomato stitched into it as a pounding pain found her throat. Groaning, (Name) pulled a giant French flag blanket over her frail body, sinking into a memory.
"MUTTI!" "MAMI!" "MAMAN!" You shoot out of your chair and rushed to the three small voices, only to find a trio of sneezing and coughing little boys. You knew this was going to happen as there were some problems in their countries that you just finished working out with their bosses. But, it will take a few days until everything was said and done.

"Mis niños, mes enfants, meine Kinder! Let me feel your foreheads, poor little babies," You cooed as you placed your (s/c) hand on each burning head; you gently pushed them to their beds, demanding they rest. Brushing some (h/c) hairs from your faces, you started on some soup, making their favorite kinds. The sun began to set, casting its last burst of color before sinking under the horizon, but this was no time to admire the beauty of it as you worked quickly.

Soon enough, each little country was stuffing their face with the food, you desperately trying to make sure they don't burn themselves, "Careful! Francis, don't spill it! Gil, if you only eat the potatoes, the soup will be plain! Antonio- carry on." You smiled each of them as they happily ate, glad their appetite stayed; you reassured a tearful Prussia that they will be fine.

"Gracias, mami." "Danke, Mutti." "Merci, maman." They all muttered as you tucked France, Spain, and Prussia in; you were happy they all insisted in sharing one room or this would have been difficult. You kissed each small head, "Goodnight, my little countries. If you need anything, just call and I'll come running. I love you guys, good night."
"Mutti? Mutti, vake up!" A voice and a poke on the cheek was rewarded with the opening of her eyes. Bleary (e/c) orbs found red, green, then blue; blinking in confusion, the blurry figures cleared to show 3 men. Sitting up, she tried to speak, but the words sounded scratchy and hoarse, "What are you guys doing here?"

Francis grinned, showing off a nice bowl of (favorite soup) before placing it in the woman's lap, "Well, we 'ave keys to 'ere, remember? Italy and Romano called us and told us our maman was sick! So we rushed over." (Name) nodded her head in realization as she devoured the nice soup stopping a bit to say, "Tell me a story: what happened to you guys today?" Soon everybody was laughing at their jokes and complaints of other countries.

"I swear, 'is eyebrows are going to take over 'is face!" Francis managed to choke out between his laughs. Gilbert slip in, "He'd be a valking eyebrow! Maybe it could happen to Austria too! Zhat vould make my life SO much better!" (Name) just snickered and smiled at what they said, feeling too tired to do much more. She was just happy they were all together again laughing and being comfortable in each other's company.

Antonio stopped his chuckling to focus on his mother, placing his hand on her still hot forehead, "Tsk tsk, rest is what you need. ¡Vamos, mami!" With that, he lifted up the young female with the blanket, the other two close behind as they still worried about her as they walked to her bedroom. (Name) sneezed again when they put her down, curling back under the sheets and smiling at the concerned trio. "I'm fine, guys. I still remember when this happened to you guys as little countries! You all were so adorable red-faced and drowsy!~" She teased, giggling when she was rewarding with a whiny "MOM!" in three languages.

The large window next to her caught her attention, the sun was setting. The orange was just as vibrant as that day centuries ago; a small smile played on her lips as her eyes followed the sun until it was gone. An ink-like color replaced the light blue sky as (Country Name) let her (e/c) orbs look over to the 3 men staring at her in confusion. "There was a sunset on that day too, I was remembering again. Gosh I'm getting old! Anyways, good night my little countries," She said, a playful tone in her scratchy voice.

Gilbert shook his head, ruffling the (h/c) hair before giving it a soft kiss, "Get better, my awesomeness will help!" He winked a red eye before bounding off to one of the other bedrooms. "Good night, mami! Rest, okay? I still need somebody to help me harvest tomatoes," Antonio grinned, placing a kiss on her temple before following the Prussian.

"If you need anything, just call and we'll come run-" "Hey, don't steal past me's words!" "Ohohon, well 'istory repeats itself, maman. Bonne nuit!~" A last kiss was given to the country's forehead before the blond skipped out, closing the door softly behind him.

"Now I'm the child," (Name) cried out indignantly before a smile danced on her lips, her body drifting off to dreamland. Not before whispering, "Guess they really have grown up, huh?"
AND MORE BTT, YAY! MY BABIES. ;A; Okay, apparently this was being uploaded before the little Denmark one, but oh well. A contest entry and request, BAM. I GET THINGS DONE, KIDS. Anyways fluff :3 Woo~ Not as long as I wanted, but oh well ^^;
Preview: [link]
Ciao- Hi
Bella- Beautiful
Ragazza- Girl
Ś- Yes
Idiota- Idiot
Bambini- Babies/Children
Mi Dispiace- I'm Sorry
Mutti- Mom (German)
Maman- Mom (French)
Mami/Mama- Mom (Spanish)
Mis Niños- My Children (Spanish)
Mes Enfants- My Children (French)
Meine Kinder- My Children(German)
Gracias -Thank you (Spanish)
Danke- Thank you (German)
Merci- Thank you (French)
¡Vamos- Let's go (Spanish)
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Me: Aww!! My babies are to cute!! Aww!!!

Gil: MUTTI!!!!!!!

Ant: MAMA!!!!!!

Fran: MAMAN!!!!!

England: You raised this frog? You suck at parenting -

Gil Ant and Fran: NO!!! *Punches England*

Me: Awww!!
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Oooooo my little baby's have grown up! So cute!
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Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
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