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November 19, 2012
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AN:[This all occurs during the Revolutionary War. No romance what so ever; completely platonic. The war thing should warn you, its kind of sad...]

You couldn't take it, watching the two people you loved dearest fight like this. You could only stand back as they ripped each other apart. You walked the fresh battlefield of the newest battle; your nose stung from the metallic smell of the blood which ran in rivers. Bodies lay around, from both sides. The British had technically won as they gained control of the area, but you saw more British uniforms that laid on the ground, torn and dirty.

"(Name), you're here.... I'm so sorry you have to see this, love," you turned around to see England, looking tired and beat-up, forcing a minuscule smile for you. He was basically a second father to you; you always played with Alfred as when you both were children, so England was very involved in your life. His once blond hair was now dark with a combination of dirt, mud, and blood; his clothes ripped and any skin that you could see, bandaged.

Your (e/c) eyes filled with tears as you stared at him, then walked forward and hugged him gently. You were neutral as you couldn't basically choose between America and England; you loved them both with all your heart and couldn't possibly choose. Water trickled from your eyes and from Arthur's emerald ones. You knew it pained both sides to hurt each other, but they didn't want to give up... They were doing what they thought was best.

"Arthur... Why? Why must this happen?!" You sobbed the question that you keep screaming out when you were alone as you pulled away and gestured around.

He sighed, "You know why.... America wants his independence and I won't allow it. It's hurts me for it to go to these measures-" "ENGLAND, HURRY UP. WE NEED TO PLAN OUT OUR NEXT MOVE!" "-I have to go, love... Please be careful, I don't want you getting hurt." Arthur wiped away your tears gently before rushing off to their base; you also turned around and ran off, your (f/c) dress flowing behind you. The way that England wouldn't even call America by his human name anymore, it made your heart break. Human names for countries were a big deal; you only call a country by it when you are very close to them...

That showed how your family was being torn apart.
~~~~~Years Later~~~~~~~
You visited both side many times though the years.

"(NAME)! What are you doing here?! It's dangerous!" You saw Alfred running towards you, worry etched onto his usually cheerful face. He was around as injured as Arthur; he sported a large, bloodied bandage that was wrapped around his head and parts of his arms and legs. His deep blue jacket was stained with red as was his bright blond hair. Even his cowlick seemed to droop to match the gloomy and depressing atmosphere the war left. You gave him a sad smile before also seizing him into a hug; you tried hard to keep these tears inside, but they fell like the soldiers around you.

"I know, Alfy, but I needed to see you both. I can't just sit in my country and wait for the news to travel! Takes too damn long," You gave a chuckle at how they actually thought you were going to stay all the way in Europe. America was always your older brother, you recall how you both played pranks on England or your father. Or how you and Matthew scare him by making the quiet boy act like a ghost.

After pulling away, you both stared at each other; bright, sky blue meeting (light/dark) (e/c). From his eyes, you could tell that he was tired of this. He wanted this to end; he hated having to fight his guardian. But you also knew that England was being cruel with the colonies, and America wouldn't give up without his independence. He had tried reasoning before all of this, but his attempts were ignored.

"THEY ARE HERE!" A yell brought you both back to Earth, America's face went pale before he grabbed his musket that he had dropped to hug you.

He turned to you before pushing you away, "Get out of here! I will not let you get hurt now go!" You wanted to stay, but you knew your heart couldn't have taken seeing it all, so you fled. You stole one glance behind you as you ran to see Alfred tearing off his bandages before rushing to join his men.
~Time skip~
You watched from behind the trees as England stood alone, against some American soldiers and America; Alfred was pointing his gun at him. Rain fell, the noise deafening.

"Hey, Britain! All I want is my freedom; I'm no longer a child, nor your little brother. From now on, consider me, 'Independent!'" The words stung you as you remembered when you were children; England always taking care of you two. You remember Arthur always gladly taking you in when your father had to travel or fight in his own wars; how the three of you were so happy...

Then, you saw England clenched his teeth and rushed towards the other man, knocking the other's gun away. You gave a gasp and a quiet, "No..." as England had his musket and bayonet pointed straight at America's face. "I won't allow it! You IDIOT, why can't you follow anything through to the end?!" The Brit yelled, but you heard the pain he was trying to mask.

"READY, AIM!" More guns pointed, but you knew it was over...

The musket was lowered, "There's no way I can shoot you. I can't..." It was dropped, making a ringing sound in the rain before the man you always looked up to, fell to his knees.

"Why? DAMN IT, WHY? It's not fair..." England sobbed, his hand covering his face; the pain in each word felt like daggers in your chest as you only stared.

Alfred's eyes full of sorrow and face showing clear sadness, "You know why..." Tears from your own eyes flowed as you recalled the same words England had told you when you asked the same question.

"I remember when you were great," he added as he watched the man who raised him cry. Alfred glimpsed towards the forest at the (h/c) haired girl watching, he could see the tears. He felt terrible knowing they put her through all this, but he had no choice. He meant those words, he remembered everyday how England treated him before; when (Name) was around. When they were like a happy family.

Maybe someday, they could be that again... No. Someday they will be like that, again.


"(NAME), DUDE! COME ON, LET'S GO!" You were pulled out of your thoughts when America literally pulled you out of your seat.

"Bloody git, you're going to hurt her, America! Anyway, (Name) was were you thinking about?" The green-eyed nation looked at you curiously.

You gave a grin, "Just remembering things, now McDonalds, right?" "TOTALLY, DUDE!" "Oh bloody hell, not again..."
....Did I make someone cry? Please tell me I did! XD a few days ago I thought, '...I NEED TO MAKE A SAD STORY NAO." And this~

I had to listen to that scene for the last bit and I cried D:
Picture not mine, source here: [link]
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xOtakutaliax Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014   General Artist
Beautiful really! While reading this I was listening to America's Storage Room Cleaning! And.....MEINE GOTT THE FEELS!!! :iconmeingottplz:
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Writer
haha thank you
xOtakutaliax Featured By Owner May 31, 2014   General Artist
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Wait, but I thought England liked McDonalds?
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you!
ah i don't know i wrote this a very long time ago
Sunfeather17 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it was on 'Prussia's' blog (The April Fools one) he said that Iggy liked McDonalds...
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Student Writer
really? eh i don't know sorry
Sunfeather17 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know either anymore ( / . \  )
Iceland4 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Um....*is a mix of american, scotsirish and english*....half my family came from ireland and the other half america... So i cant really say much.... Im not crying... I cried out all my tears last month when my first boyfriend was killed... Now it takes a LOT to make me cry
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Writer
I'm sorry that happened. I hope you'll be okay and know I'm here if you need to vent or talk to someone, alright? Keep fighting, keep loving and stay strong :heart:
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