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October 24, 2012
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Knock, knock, knock KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.  Rapid knocking made you look up from your book and rush at the door, your (h/c) hair bouncing as you worried if somebody was in danger.

"WAAAAH, (NAAAMME)!" Your good friend, Feliciano, cried as he tackled you to the floor in a hug, but sobbing like a 4 year old that lost its mommy. You wondered how tears managed to fall like rivers from his eyes when they weren't open before realizing: THE MAN'S CRYING, DO SOMETHING IDIOTA.

"Shhh, it's okay. What's wrong, Feli?" You stood up still in the hug, closed the door, and led the sobbing Italian to your couch. After his loud sobs dwindled to hiccups, you looked at him for some kind of explanation. You hated to see him in such distress, you wanted to help anyway you can.

He gave a loud hiccup, "Rom-hic-ano said that -hic- YOU DON'T LIKE ME." He began to cry into his hands as you gave a sigh. You remembered when Romano told Feli that Ludiwig, Feli's German best friend, didn't like him, but you don't recall him acting so heartbroken. You gently pushed his hands away from his face and wiped his tears.

"Feliciano Vargas, of course I like you! You are one of my best friends, I wouldn't have stuck with you so long if I disliked or hated you!" you gave Feli a warm smile that made his face heat up slightly.

He shook his head, more calm now, curl bouncing, "It's not just that, bella. He also said that... You wouldn't return my... Ti amo (Name), I love you." Feliciano looked up, you were startled to see his golden eyes open, but more at what he said.

"You- you what?" You stared at him in complete shock; your bubbly, innocent, and adorable friend loves you...

Feliciano gave one of his cheerful smiles again, "Ti amo, you're the most beautiful and amazing woman I have ever met! Do you love me back?!" He looked at you like a puppy waiting for food.

You gave a large grin that brightened up the whole room, "Of course, my silly little Italian!" Right after the words left your mouth, his lips met it in a gentle and loving kiss.

You thought as you were cuddling with your new boyfriend, 'Maybe Romano was right: I don't like Feli, I love him!' ~
....Kissing is always in my stories. is that okay? Plus, ROMANO LOOK WHAT YOU DID. WHAT? I DIDN'T MENTION PASTA?! Oh well. Hope you like it :3~

Still taking le requests~ Some characters I'm awful at, so if you pick somebody I can't write, I'll tell you and ask you if you want somebody else :3

Previw picture: [link]
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