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January 17, 2013
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"(NAME)! VAIT UP!" An accented voice made you whip around, (h/c) hair flying as Gilbert Beilschmidt stopped in front of you. You smiled at your crush, adjusting your (f/c) bookbag as you waited for him to say something. He grinned at you a bit sheepishly, "I vas vondering if you vanted to go to zhe fair vith me? I MEAN, IT VOULD BE NOT AS AWESOME IF YOU DIDN'T GO AND MY AWESOMENESS WILL NOT BE AS GREAT." A light pink dusted his cheeks when he hoped he didn't sound too love-struck, maybe he should have listened to Francis's and Antonio's advice...

You giggled at your friend, "Sure! We haven't been to one since we were little! I remember you were too scared to go on the Ferris Wheel." You laughed at the very red blush on his pale face. "Ve'll go zhis time! I promise! And I vas little!" He gave a pout as you patted his silver locks.
"Wow...." You breathed out as the sun began to set. Soft orange was painted across the darkening blue sky as pink and lavender joined in a beautiful explosion of color; you sat at a table as you finished eating, sparkling (e/c) eyes set above. What you didn't see was a pair of red ones trained on you, watching in amusement at the fascination plain on your beautiful face. Your best-friend was in love with you, that's why he brought you here without anybody else.  Just the two of you laughing and enjoying each other's company. Gilbert smiled as you laughed at a little kid's joy of winning a prize at a stand, you not letting go of the giant stuffed animal that he won you earlier.

"Kesese, don't doubt me, frau!" the albino smirked as he launched the baseball at the small pyramid of dark green glass bottles. Sure enough, each one tumbled down and into your arms was a large, fluffy panda! You squealed in happiness and you gripped the poor thing tightly, spinning around before grabbing Gilbert in a hug, thanking him a million times. "Anything for my liebling..." he said quietly with a soft smile.

"Hey, Gil, let's go on the Ferris Wheel now!" He was brought out of the small memory as he felt you grabbing his hand and pulling him out of his chair. (e/c) eyes shining in excitement as you climbed on said ride, the food court was right next to it and there wasn't a line.

The worker there winked at the 'Prussian' as he was going to climb in, "Good luck with that confession, kid." His face turned as red as his eyes; you pulled him into the shiny cart before he can retort. And up the two went, you rested your head on Gilbert's shoulder as you looked at the stars shining against the now inky-blue sky. The fair below you was sparkling, bright colored lights that twinkled as you were went higher. The panda next to you forgotten as you gazed at the sights and sneaked glances at your crush who seemed to be in thought.

"You know, it is also called 'Prussian blue', " Looking up at him in confusion, you tried not to pay attention at how the lights made his hair gleam or how bright his red eyes were in low light. "Zhat dark blue-black color like in zhe sky. It is called zhat because it vas zhe colored dye zhey used in Prussian Army uniforms." You chuckled at the random fact, that explains why some of his things were midnight blue; you know if it isn't in white or black or both.

"A Prussian blue sky, eh? I'm going to call it that from now on," You smiled up at the albino as you reached the top. He seemed to tense as the bright green cart stopped, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. 'I can do this. I'm awesome. I can do this.'

"(Name), I need to tell you something..." You tore your eyes away from the sight around and focused on Gilbert, "I- Ich liebe dich... I love you, you are zhe most beautiful, kindest, and awesomest girl I have ever met. Zhe day zhe (h/c) haired (e/c) eyed girl valked up to me in preschool vas vhen I knew. I took zhis long to tell you because I zhought you vould never feel zhe same." Silence. That's what met his words as you stared in complete shock. Tears welled up in crimson eyes as he felt like his heart was just stabbed with a knife and trampled by a panda, he never felt like this and Gilbert thought he just ruined many years of friendship. He knew this was going to happen, but he just HAD to hope; well time to laugh it off...

"If you don't feel zhe same I-" His words were caught by a pair of lips, after the shock wore away, a loving kiss was shared. No words required as your lips moved together in sync, his hand tangled in your (h/l) hair as your arms snaked around his neck.

You pulled away and softly punched his arm, "Idiot, you thought I didn't feel the same? Says the guy who could get any girl in the school and always had a girlfriend! I-Ich liebe dich a-auch." You blushed as he cooed about how cute it was how you spoke German. The cart eventually reached the bottom, Gilbert helped you get off the ride and high-fived the worker before walking with you hand in hand. The panda gripped in one hand and new boyfriend's hand in the other, it was a nice time under the Prussian blue sky as the couple talked and joked as usual, but more closer now than usual.
Picture: [link]

PRUSSIA, MY BABY ;A; Sorry it's short. It's a contest entry for:[link]
I hope it's okay ^^; I was trying to figure out what character to use then I remember Prussian blue and yep. :3 :iconprussiawinkplz: Thank you for reading!

Translations(All German):
Liebling- Darling/Love
Ich Liebe Dich- I love you
Ich liebe dich auch- I love you too
Nothing belongs to me except the story :3
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