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February 14, 2013
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"(Name)?" You turned your face from the chocolate and romantic movie to meet the bright blue eyes of your little brother, "What?" He tilted his head, blond hair defying gravity and not moving, "Why are you eating so much candy? Mom says it's bad for- Are you crying?!"

Matthias quickly ran over and jumped on your (f/c) couch, landing on his little 7 year old feet, "Did somebody hurt you?! Are you okay? Do I need to kill somebody?!"
His tiny hands gripped your face and wiped the very few tears that escaped your (e/c) eyes, his usual grinning face was now serious and admittedly, a bit intimidating.

You chuckled at his concern and ruffled his hair, answering, "Nah, Denny, this movie is pretty sad and also reminds me I'm 16 and is single on Valentine's Day." Sighing, you turned off the movie and moved the candy off your lap and onto the couch, oblivious to Matthias's curious stare until he spoke, "What is Valentine's Day? When I asked at school, they said it was a day of love and mushy stuff like that." He stole a chocolate kiss and devoured the poor little confection.

You pondered about how to answer him, "Well... I guess that's right. It's called Valentinsdag in Denmark in case you wanted to know, by the way. It's a day where people show their love to their friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, family, wives or husbands, and blah. Mostly, it's romantic and based on your crushes and to treat your "Valentine" which is somebody you love very, very much. Understand?" Matthias nodded before pulling you out off the couch, demanding to go out to eat.
"Do you think this will work?" Alfred asked Matthias as they watched (Name) stand in line to order in McDonalds. Matthias nodded, his eyes gleaming in determination; he and Alfred were planning on getting their big siblings, (Name) and Arthur, together. They sat in a table where Alfred and Arthur were, though the Brit was in the bathroom.

"Den-Den! Where are you?" The (h/c) haired girl called, looking around for the young Dane. Matthias waved at his sister, gesturing her to come over there. "I found Alfred here! Can we eat with them please?" Soon two teary blue puppy dog eyes were gunned at you and was super effective, "...Fine. Only if Arthur is okay with it-" "Okay with what, love?" (Name) jumped at the sudden voice and nearly dropped the food, Matthias quickly took the tray from her and sat back down as Alfred giggled.

"T-they are asking if w-we can sit together. Is that o-okay?" The girl stuttered slightly, blushing a light pink. Flushing a bright red, Arthur nodded quickly as he slid down into his seat and (Name) settled into the plastic chair next to his. Soon enough, all you can hear from the table was laughing and talking as the teens conversed about school, friends, interests, and what not. The younger boys watched with bright grins, munching on their food.

The American whispered to the Dane, "Are you sure you are okay with this? I mean you are usually pretty protective of her." Matthias cast a look at his sister's happy expression and listened to her giggles and laughs. He remembered when she got her heart broken for the first time when she was about 14 and he 5; he decided that he wasn't going to let nobody make her cry and hurt her like that again. "Yeah, as long as he doesn't hurt her, I'm fine... Can I have some of your chicken nuggets?" "Then give me some of your fries." The boys traded food and talked about heroes and school.

"Erm, are you busy this weekend? If not, would you like to join me to the movies?" Arthur asked as they were walking out, he directed his green gaze to the ground. Giggling, she threw her arms around him, "Of course! Text you about it later, I got to go before my mom kills me." Placing a quick kiss on his cheek, (Name) grabbed Matthias's hand and ran off, waving at them.
As you both were walking home, you suddenly turned to the boy next to you, "Thank you."

"F-For what? I didn't do anything! YOU HAVE NO PROOF!" He tried to lie, but stopped when you scooped him up and hugged him tightly. "Yes, you did. You planned that, I know you...Thanks for helping, lillebror, jeg elsker dig." He smiled brightly and pushed his small face into your soft hair, wrapping tiny arms around your neck. Matthias rested his head onto your shoulder as you carried him, he watched the sun begin to sink. You petted his hair, singing quietly a lullaby as you reached your street; he really loved the sound of your voice and nearly fell asleep before remembering something.

"Hey, søster?" You paused in singing to show you were listening, "Will you be my Valentine? You're the person I love very, very much!" From where he was, he couldn't see the tear of happiness that dripped from one of your eyes and flowed down your cheek. You hoped he would stay this innocent and adorable for a few more years as you answered, "Of course, Denny! Now let's go see if Dad ate all my chocolate again."

Matthias giggled as he watched you try to wrestle the last chocolate from your father. 'Jeg elsker dig, søster,' he thought happily.
DENNNNNYYYY! MY BABY :iconmyfeelzplz:
Okay headcannon time: I think that child Denmark would be very protective and would sometimes tried to be mature before failing miserably. Denmark is so immature as an adult because he wanted to go back to being innocent and childish..
~Translations~ [All Danish]
Valentinsdag- Valentine's Day (I think)
Lillebror- Little Brother
Jeg Elsker Dig- I Love You
Søster- Sister

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ibrose12 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
..I wish I was related to him..he would make a great bigbror..I think that's how you say bad I'm an only child....
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
I WANT A LITTLE BROTHER LIKE DENMARK!!!! but i get a stupid,annoying idiot for a sister!
bleach347 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
My little brothers 7 he tells me he hates me.I ask him why he hates me and he says no reason.He also likes to make me mad and he says hetalia and ANIME suck and its stupid!
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Writer
Tiny children, man, they're confusing. They either adore you, don't care about you, or hate you.
Eh, his dislikes are his own opinion and you thinking his are wrong are yours as well. He may be just trying to push your buttons!
Maybe try to be kind towards him more or simply ignore his cruel words until he either changes his tune or old enough to figure out why to stop.
Or possibly talk to your parents or guardian?
Sorry about that, it must suck. :heart:
bleach347 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I know it does suck and I buy him toys and he wants to have fist fight.*sigh*I'll try your advice.Thank you by the way!
CanadianTurtle Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Writer
Good luck, friend, I hope it goes well!
Some people are just mean sometimes, don't take it personally if he continues!
bleach347 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes I agree.Thank you!
Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6] 
LeRPG Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Trading food.....LIKE A BAWS! Chicken Nuggets for fries? not bad -^-
boxmaniscool Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!!!!!
lovekitsunenaru Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
did u know Valentine's Day was named after a priest that was  illegally marring ppl be cus a king mad marriage illegal so he whould have more soulgers 4 his army his name was saint  Valentine he was beheaded on  Valentine's Day i kinda think it is romantic being marred in secret  
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